On my easel…….

Over the past few months, I have been trying to master the technique of coloured pencil paintings. I have used pastels for over 20 years and wanted to expand my skills. They are a very different medium to use, and it takes so much longer than pastels to produce a piece of work, but the results are amazing! You can achieve so much detail, especially in the realistic animal portraits that I produce. I’m loving them, but still a lot to learn

Currently on my easel is this coloured pencil drawing of a very sultry looking leopard. This is done in mainly Prismacolor coloured pencils on black Strathmore paper. Many hours have gone into this so far, and no doubt there will be many more, but I am enjoying it. Im still learning the techniques, this is just a practice piece for me, although I have completed a couple of pieces in coloured pencils, these can be found in my galleries. A Jack Russell portrait, and also a cheetah.

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