A lots been happening…!

Its been a little while since I last posted here, sorry! A lot has been going on.
Last time, I posted a work in progress photo of a leopard that I was drawing with coloured pencils. This was an experiment really, as I havent used coloured pencils in earnest for years. I finally got it finished, it took a while, but Im really pleased with the result
Ive also added an image here of it framed. I had it done with non-reflective glass which has made such a difference. The photo of me holding it gives you an idea of the size fo the framed painting. It will be going into a local exhibition at the end of november, fingers crossed!

Ive also recently completed another colured pencil drawing of this tiger. Its quite large at 16″x24″. Its turned out OK I think. But Ive recently started this again with pastels which will give it a whole different look.

I did the tiger drawing on black card. Whilst this is a super smooth surface, it was difficuly to get the vibrance of the colours through with the black background.
Not bad though as an exercise

Ive also recently started another version of the leopard (above) but this time using acrylics.
For the past 15 years or so Ive used pastels exclusively, so its been a while since I picked up an actual paintbrush. Thiswill be my winter project, its going to take a very long time to complete I think. In the picture here I have added the spots and the base tonal layer. The detial is next. Im looking forward to painting all that lovely fur!

Apart from all this Ive been busy at work (my 9 to 5 job!) and trying to squeeze in a few hours here and there for my painting in the evenings and at weekends. Ive also been doing a lot of research online to refresh my memory on acrylic painting techniques. I’ll be building up the leopard layer by layer to get a depth of fur. I’m aiming for realism so it will need a lot of layers. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Ive recently returned from a trip to Iceland, which was amazing. Words cant describe properly the dramatic scenery, and it gave me a few ideas about a possible landscape painting in the future. That’ll be a challenge – no fur!

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